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Obituary Database

To date, almost 80,000 Grays Harbor area obituaries and death notices have been entered into this obituary database with thousands more available in hard copy at our Research Library.

To order a copy of an obituary or death notice, search the database and complete the form below. There is a $5 donation per deceased’s name, regardless of the number of listings in the database . You will receive them all. Records will be sent only upon receipt of payment to:

Grays Harbor Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 916
Aberdeen, WA 98520

To search by name, you may enter one of the following:
(1) LAST NAME (full or partial) such as Anders or Anderson
(2) LAST NAME, FIRST NAME such as Anderson, Petunia
(3) FIRST NAME such as Petunia

You can then sort by name, age, or birth/death dates in ascending or descending order. The results will include every entry in the database that includes that name, including the spouse or woman’s maiden name if available. Do not enter FIRST LAST NAME (John Doe).

If you find the record you wish to receive, scroll to the form below and submit a request.

If the obituary you are seeking is not yet available in this online database, you may submit a Research Query and a researcher will contact you. There is a $10 minimum donation for this type of query.

Sort by
Zoratich, Katherine (___) w/o Anton 79 1895-1975
Zoratich, Anton 90 1886-1976
Zora, Morgan Christine p/o Trevor 35 1987-2023
Zook, Clifford C. 39 -1953
Zonich, Rita May (Hansell) w/o John 89 1918-2007
Zollner, Myrtle A. (___) 1907-1990
Zollner, Daniel Joseph 1946-2004
Zoller, John K. h/o Barbara 1917-1988
Zoller, Barbara R. (Welch) 68 1928-1996
Zoleski, ____ (___) w/o Walter -1939